23 Apr 2007


Belgian FreeFolk-DroneBlues

The blues may find its historical roots in American negro-songs, Ignatz (the alter ego of Bram Devens) shows us how universal the language of blues has become. With just an acoustic guitar, some pedals and a sampler (sometimes also voice) Ignatz creates his own universe of broken-down and slowly rebuild melodies, of meandering finger-picking guitarlines subtly surrounded by haunting distortion. And what is so amazing about it: it all sounds so natural; like he was born 100 years ago in the Appalachian Mountains and has played this kind of music for ages. The obvious reference is of course John Fahey. But instead of just becoming a Fahey-adept, he manages to find his own voice, injecting some more Asian/Indian raga-elements, together with contemporary noise/drone influences.

Ignatz - Drawn (mp3)
(Taken from "Addiction for Slumber", a 2006 Tape Release)

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