21 Mar 2008

The Grandeur of Reason - conference

Looks like universalism is back en vogue; a post-9/11 effect? Anyway, the perfect location for this topic and an interesting choice of keynote speakers: Slavoj Žižek, Giorgio Agamben, John Milbank, Stanley Hauerwas, David Schindler...

The Grandeur of Reason
Religion, Tradition, Universalism

Rome, 1-4 september 2008

Conference organised by 'The Centre of Theology and Philosophy' of Nottingham University

Conference website

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if these ernest babblers have ever heard of the Tower of Babel from their own tradition. Which is exactly what they are involved in---that is creating a tower of babble/babel.

The image on the poster advertising the event is a tower---of babble/babel.