24 Mar 2008

Tony Conrad - Dream Music/ Early Minimalism

"Repetition itself creates bliss. There are many ethnographic examples: obsessive rhythms, incantatory music, litanies, rites, and Buddhist nembutsu, etc.; to repeat excessively is to enter into loss, into the zero of the signified. But: in order for repetition to be erotic, it must be formal, literal, and in our culture this flaunted (excessive) repetition reverts to eccentricity, thrust toward various marginal regions of music."
Roland Barthes (as quoted by Tony Conrad)

Read Conrad's essay "Preparing for the Propaganda War in the Time of Global Culture: Trance, Form, and Persuasion in the Renovation of Western Music" here

Tony Conrad with Faust - The Pyre of Angus was in Kathmandu (mp3) (reissue on Table of the Elements)

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